Golden Pond Guesthouse in Seoul, South Korea


188-40, 14/5 Myeongnyun-dong 4-ga Jongno-gu,




From the Subway (Hyehwa Station [#4 Line]), Exit #4)

1. Start at Hyehwa Subway Exit #4. You should see a Haagen Daaz.

2. When you see Haagen Daaz, make a left turn. Go straight for about 200 meters (you should see a Tours Les Jours [bakery] on the left, a CGV [a theater] on the right, and a Watson's [again on the right]). Walk a little bit beyond Watson's. Across a small street, there's a shop that sells clothes and bags. Across a bigger street with a crosswalk, there's a Dunkin' Donuts. Do not cross the crosswalk!

3. Before the crosswalk, turn left onto the side road next to the Family Mart. Then turn right. When you see a parking lot, turn left (away from the parking lot). You should see a sign (illuminated if it's at night) that says 'Golden Pond Guesthouse.' That's us.

From the Airport Bus Stop (602-1, get off
SungKyunkwan daehakgyo ipgu Bus Stop)

It is easy to get to the guesthouse from the airport. It should take less than 4 minutes after you got off the airport bus. Follow the steps below:

1. Take Airport Bus 602-1 outside the Incheon arrival terminal.
2. Get off at the SungKyunkwan (University) stop (second last stop on that route).
3. Stand in front of the 'Bodyguard Innerwear Shop' (where you got off), facing the busy road.
4. Look to your left and walk towards the traffic lights.
5. When you are near the traffic lights you will see the Family Mart (a 24-hour convenience store) ahead of you.
6. Walk towards Family Mart and enter the lane way (alley) along the side of Family Mart.
7. Sixty steps into the lane there is a drive way to your left.
8. Golden Pond Guesthouse is at the end of that driveway.
9. The guesthouse sign is rather small but it is illuminated at night.










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